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When my hometown was founded, it was inhabited by tribes. Many, many tribes. Be it Kabyle, Berber, later Jewish, and even later Arabized ones.

Then, thousands of years later, modernism came upon the ugly face of this incredibly tribalistic (probably also tribadistic) city and gave space to new ideals like individualism, and that someone should possibly be judged because of what they do, not who they are. But then wicked politicians came, and killed individualism, which the people didn’t like, so the People conspired against the State and reinstated the status quo ante. It was probably good, and definitively not bad.

But then society arrived at a new, not-so-shmexy postmodernist phase, which killed the last remains of personal autonomy – of freedom and liberty.

Now, there’s urban tribes. Punks, emos, goths, chavs, gangsters, nerds, geeks, tecktonic freaks, everything. I could possibly fit in many urban tribes (but not in any of these) by association, but, I don’t wanna give up my independence. I’m a pariah –  A member of the lost tribes of the Tell. I am free. I don’t belong nowhere.

Presidential selections, 2009.

To state this in one sentence, I would borrow a phrase coined by the famous Canard Enchaîné about some basic reform initiated by the government of one of Algeria’s dictators. It might be the second (Houari Boumediene 1965-1978) or third one (Chadli Ben Djedid 1979-1992). The phrase goes: “the government pretends to increase wages and the Algerians pretend to work.” I would then modify it in this context as follows: “In Algeria, the auto-proclaimed president pretends to be candidate, and the Algerians pretend to vote.”

From NoA.

On queer separatism, and New Atheism

So, I had the horror of reading a few essays on Queer Nationalism (I know what you’re thinking… wiki it), and then I magically stumbled upon New Atheism.

You learn so much these days. The former is something asked for by people who oppose the “normalization” of the LGBT subculture. In other words, these are the anti-gay marriage gays, the anti-gay marriage gays, those that feel that things like Queer as Folk exploited all the sufferance felt by gays over the years for profit. Pretty much the same way Black culture got exploited by capitalism, you know. (Even though I think we can agree that gay isn’t the new black)

Rainbow FlagThey’re like, anti-Zionist Jews. They’re just pointless. Supposedly, these want me to stop saying “queer” as it’s too politically charged, and that more or less conformist gays shouldn’t label themselves as queer… Um. Personally, I use it queer as another way of saying LGBT. It’s all-encompassing, but really, I don’t care, they’re pointless. They might have been the first ones to use that word, but I have as much of a right to use the q-word as they do.

And then there’s a certain Murkan GOP site (no it’s not WND, CFWA, or FOX “News”) that is totally happy talking about New Atheism.

Yeah. Because, them Elephants totally know about atheism. Even I don’t know enough about it, and, I’m supposedly an atheist myself. A few of their libertarians might know about it, but probably nothing more than Genesis According to Rand.

The thing is, what’s New Atheism, anyway? Was there an old atheism? I thought atheism was just about not believing in a god, or believing in no god.

And now it’s supposedly more complex than that?

Intolerance of ignorance, myth and superstition; disregard for the tolerance of religion.
Indoctrination of logic, reason and the advancement of a naturalistic worldview.

Isn’t that intolerant, disrespectful, and authoritarian? Now, I’m rarely someone to oppose secularism, or to favor religion, but, religious freedom is underrated. Honestly, I’d rather live in a country with a state religion that has more or less some tolerance for other religions – as well as irreligion – than in an atheist state. (Note that an atheist state isn’t the same as a secular state, despite what the Pope suggested)

Because, really. Sometimes, religion is needed. And restricting religion just because it seems to be better for the public good to be all-rational and awesome-ish and smart isn’t necessarily a smart thing to do. But being like Iran or Saudia on the other hand isn’t schnieke either.

I guess being “stuck in the middle” isn’t always that bad. Screw you, queer separatists, or New Atheists. I just declared my independence from you, you stupid internet meme phenomenas, you.

Oh, wait, no. That’s ED.


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