Nature “versus” nurture?

When it comes to sexual orientation, people always seem to ask whether it is something “acquired”. or something “innate”. People that follow the former doctrine are mostly among those of the super-conservative, usually homophobic camp, and those of the latter are liberals that sometimes tend to cling to recent scientific discoveries too early and propage them at a pace faster than of a Victorian brushfire or of herpes in a downtown high school.

Here’s my oh-so-valuable input:

Primo: why does it have to be only one of these? To you liberals, I say: as a social animal, the human is surrounded by other members of their (wow… being gender-neutral can be so unaesthetic), humans are surrounded by other members of their species, so we can’t deny that our interpersonal interactions with others did not have absolutely any impact on our personality, and hence on one if its most important aspects: our sexuality. But it’s probably not very crucial. Seducing a heterosexual of your own gender doesn’t work. Trust me. And to you super-duber-conservatives: go fuck yourself. It felt good, now didn’t it? You should try doing that more often – and you won’t grow any hair near your palms or turn blind. Trust me.

Now, I have to tell you that even though science isn’t always right (at least it’s evolving – until certain other books certain people base their legislation on), there is always a grain of truth in what it says. Okay. You might not necessarily accept dinosaurs, racial minorities as full citizens, or giving women the right to vote, work, or wear pants – BUT COME ON! Do you really think that we homosexuals are only homosexuals because we have absolutely nothing better to do? There’s more than three billion of each sex, that’s plenty – not a penury! We ain’t doing it because of the… um… social benefits or just to annoy you either, or to avoid pregnancy. There’s actually something called condoms, or abortion (wait… there isn’t) – you should try doing these too. Try doing something else, like getting rap-fans to like indie-punks – you have a higher chance of realizing that than of making a breeder outta me. (Hmm… people should study musical tastes from a nature vs. nurture perspective).

Secundo: Even if it were a choice, why does it matter who I fuck? As long as two (or one, or three, or more) consenting adults (and not animals or children – yes, Michael Jackson, children don’t count as consenting adults) feel good doing something, or many things, or absolutely no things at all, who are you – for God’s Sake – to tell them to stop? I also don’t care about the rumble in your jungle, either (Now, I’m not an adult, but at least I’m above the age of consent). But no, this is something totally different and shocking and requires actual people to know why it is like that. Remember what last happened when we tried doing that? Yes, kiddos, racism. Now it’s pretty obvious that I have this hair texture and this skin tone because it comes from my ancestors – thanks, I already knew that, Science – but people stopped doing that because it started being used to justifiy the superiority of races to others, to legitimize slavery and institutionalized racism, among others. Eugenics, anyone? So don’t forget that either – the biological theory isn’t faultless,either.

3 Responses to “Nature “versus” nurture?”

  1. 1 saumya July 6, 2009 at 9:51 am

    Great post! Funny to read it right after section 377 of the Indian Penal Code got repealed and theres so much talk of gays. (:

  2. 2 Rheaa July 6, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    exactly! you spoke my mind…..people actually think homosexuals are that for the heck of it, i mean,like people are straight, people are homosexual man, what’s the big fuss of banning it and all! live and let live!

    oh and section 377 of the Indian Penal Code has been recently removed…..a small step, but we’re progressing….. 😀

    extremely well written article [drat, wish i’d written it 😉 ], oh, well, i did write about this topic on my blog months ago….

  3. 3 Idir July 6, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Yeah, I heard about the repealing of that article.
    (Actually, I’ve heard about it a day or two before it actually got repealed – thanks, The Independent!)
    That’s quite progressive of India, compared to… um… certain North African states.

    Now I’m gonna search for this months-ago article 🙂

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