275px-Lilith_(John_Collier_painting)Yesterday, while in the bus returning from the bus station, there was no place to sit. Even after crossing the Faubourg de la Gare, and some old man went out, I still had no place to sit, but I made myself a place to sit. There was this woman with her daughter, and I sat next to them. I never really knew three people could fit in that northwesternmost seat, but well, it’s the case. She (the woman) wasn’t clearly distinguishable behind her gliterry headscarf and the many layers of make-up, but I could see an expression of shock in her face. Now, it’s not a too common sight here for members of different sexes to sit next to eachother in public transport vehicles, except if you’re a prole, or in the crowdedness of suburban Algiers. But I am repeating myself. She was even more shocked after the bus merrily passed three quarters of perfectly-paved driveway on Main St., and then took a sharp right turn at Les HLMs.

Even though she obviously had an accent that is from the valley, she shouted questioning the bus cashier why the bus didn’t stop on Main St. in shock, to which he responded that Main St. had been abolished. Of course it has been, but he makes it sound so spooky, like a dystopian vision of a free-market capitalism run amok with a supermall down the river drowning all money from the inner-city shops and murdering the middle class. But it’s not. It’s getting decentralized, and well, I prefer buying my jeans from my borough than ten times more expensive in Main St. just for the rent. I explained to her that the Province decided to move the Main St. bus top two streets south of Main St., to ease congestion. That’s a good one. Shouldn’t there be bus lanes instead of bus-free boulevards for the comfort of the customer? Apparently not. She then came out, with the kilograms of paint on her face, and the glitter on her headscarf, and the headscarf on her glitter.

And then I thought: has beauty been abolished too? Did women lose the self-confidence in the Goddess in them, and decide it to be necessary to play Picasso with their own pores, and then also hide their hair because it is so horrible and unfixable its perception by the outside world has to be prevented so that major catastrophes do not occur? What the fuck is wrong with you, world? First, we bastardize the Black is Beautiful movement and want to become Fair & Lovely. So not very handsome. Then, we forgot how beautiful nature is and want to become superficial ghosts that can only appeal to people with a Transcendentalist fetish.

But after a while, I stopped thinking, for I’ve been thinking and thinking, and there’s been nothing I’ve thunk, and then I noticed that the bus missed my stop, and then, an intersection later, the cashier checked if anyone was to be expulsed here, and I yeaed, to which he yelled “Champ de Manouevres – Est”. Phew, I had fears my neighborhood has been “abolished“ too!

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