But fasting isn’t really about fasting!

Yes, indeed. Ramadan isn’t about just not eating. Well, it is, and also not drinking, and having sex, and fun, and a social life, and cloverleaf interchanges.

But it’s not only because God is a sadist, no. She’s not sadistic at all, it’s more about learning to control your natural urges and innate instincts, in case you ever end up stranded in the desert with no one there to give you water or food. Of course, that just can’t happen in real life. This country is very densely populated – by exageratedly hospitable people, so even though you end up being in Médéa because the latest Tassili Airlines (yeah, right) flight crashed, you’ll find an old sherpherdess more than ready to offer you Kaltes Klares Wasser and to kill he favorite ewe’s newborn, just because she’s awesome like that.

Now, one could claim that it is so very artificial to control their natural urges, for they are, erm, urges, and there for a reason. However, it’s so very cool to say that you can go without food for extended periods of times, it helps during these shitty weekends where absolutely no bus will come pick you up from the suburbs, or to have an excuse to be anorexic or masochistic outside of the bedroom. You could be – for whatever reason – the master of your own body and resist the closeted hedonist in you, and, it’s pretty cool, no?

Of course Ramadan doesn’t really count if you’re the kind of person who just sleeps all day long and stays awake all night and who stops physical activities and travels and all that jazz, because looking for loopholes doesn’t really make you strong. On the other side, fasting doesn’t make you strong, either, you’ll end up all skinny like Buddha.

Hmm… I wonder why he’s always portrayed as a fat man in gold, then.

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