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As Algerian as a fennec.

Now why do some think that they’re the ones to set “rules” defining one’s appartenance to a national, ethnic, or (sub)cultural group – as if they were the one to invent it and who limit its borders and draw the line where you go from being so or so to being this and that. Or that you can’t be this AND that, because this contradicts with that too much. Lavender bollocks, I say.

For example, I pretty much identify as an Algerian – that’s what I’m supposed to do at MUWCI, right? To represent Algeria in this intellectualist multiethnic hodgepod and melting pot of cultures. But well, a bunch of folks might totally disagree with my being Algerian. I might be too inverted for some people’s taste. You know, I just imported homosexuality – no historical figure in this figure was a member of the Pansy Division or the Order of the Amazons.

I might as well be a way too heathenous, hypocritical, unbelieving – in the eyes of others, for the Jews that moved here during 50 BCE or after the Reconquista, the earlier Pagans, and the Christians all don’t matter. Neither do the Ibadites of the Mozabite Valley that were chased away from Tiaret during Mediaeval times, or the Shites that actually made this country rock for a while. Let’s not get started with the irreligious great writers and politicians that contributed to making the literary and diplomatic landscape more fertile. All Your Base Is Belong To The Sunna.

I could also be too westernized for others – like, how DARE I watch Grey’s Anatomy and not the live transmission of the parliamentary session that Saturday? And then, there’s the few that despise my liberal political leanings, because it’s totally unalgerian to think that women should have civil rights too and that non-natives will enrich us both economically and culturally, and not threaten the Lebensraum of the glorious imaginary Algerian race. Or is it the fact that I still identify with my Berber roots as much as with my Arabized culture? Isn’t the fucking diversity that makes being Algerian so awesome?

Apparently, not. But, I don’t give a care – I am as multifaceted as it gets, and I actually reconciliate and do not drop parts of me that apparently seem to be contradictory, because I can’t deny what made me, me – I will grow up, change, and go through many phases and stages. I have a personality so varied it is already approaching schizophrenia or bipolarism. So get used to it: I am a lefty heathenous nonheteronormative lefthanded Algerian World Citizen, and wannabe Third Culture Kid, and if you’re not comfortable with it, well, you can suck my left one.


September 2020


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